Oil Application Guide

Honda Genuine Oil Application Guide

What is the best oil for your Honda?

Honda's engineers have developed a new series of engines using their unique Earth Dreams Technology, which ensures the perfect balance of efficiency and performance. In developing this series of ground breaking engines, Honda has engineered a range of oils to match precisely the requirements of the engines.

The Genuine Oil Application Guide enables the dealership network as well as the customers, to choose the right engine oil for your Honda ensuring efficiency and best performance. The guide dates back until 2003 and lists all model available to you, such as the Jazz, Civic, HR-V, CR-V or CR-V Hybrid. Over time you will see that Honda's engineers developed the engines of our fleet and oils might have changed to facilitate the engine's performance. If you cannot find your model or have questions about the right selection of oil, your dealership and we are available for you.

For a detailed overview, please use the Honda Application Chart from April 2020.

Engine Oil Viscosity and Description

0W-20High Quality Fuel Efficient Oil for Petrol Engines
0W-30High Quality Fuel Efficient Oil for Diesel Engines
5W-40High Quality Engine Oil for older and High Performance Engines
Hybrid Petrol Engine OilUnique Engine Oil available only from Honda for Petrol Hybrid Engines
Green Diesel Engine OilUnique Engine Oil available only from Honda for 1.6 Diesel Engines

Honda Genuine Oil Part Numbers

Product1 Litre Bottle4 Litre Bottle205 Litre Barrell
Hybrid Petrol Engine Oil08232-P99S-1LHE08232-P99S-4LHENot available
Green Diesel Engine Oil08232-P99D-1LHE08232-P99D-4LHE08232-P99D-6LHE

Honda Recommended Lubricants

Manual TransmissionHonda MTF III
Manual Transmission (S2000)Hypoid Gear Oil HGO-3
Automatic TransmissionHonda ATF-Z1
Cooling SystemHonda ALL Season Anti Freeze/ Type 2 Coolant
Power SteeringHonda PSF-S
Brake SystemHonda Ultra Brake Fluid DOT 4
Differential (for 4 wheel drive)Honda DPS-F
Differential (Legend Only)Honda ATF-Z1
Engine Oil (Petrol)10W-40 Semi-Synthetic ACEA A3/B3
Engine Oil (Petrol)5W-40 Semi-Synthetic Fuel Efficient Oil
Engine Oil (Petrol)0W20 Semi-Synthetic Fuel Efficient Oil
Engine Oil (Diesel)0W30 Fully Synthetic ACEA C2/ C3
Engine Oil (Hybrid)Honda Green Oil

For more information, please contact your local Honda dealer.


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