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More HR-V Accessories


Alloys complete the look and feel of your Honda HR-V. That's why it is important to choose the right alloys for your HR-V. 

  • Honda HR-V 18 Inch Fortis Alloy Wheel

    18 Inch Fortis Alloy Wheel

    The 18-inch Fortis design features a diamond cut A-surface and rombo silver windows with a shiny clear coat.

    Price: €259.20*

    Honda HR-V 18 Inch Wheels Potis

    18 Inch Complete Wheels Potis

    The 18-inch Potis has a diamond cut A-surface and proud silver windows with a shiny clear coat.

    Price: €2,783.17*

    Honda HR-V 18 Inch Wheels Ignis

    18 Inch Wheels Ignis

    The 18-inch Ignis has a milano red A-surface and gunpowder black windows with a matte clear coat.

    Price: €259.20*

Carrying & Towing

To make your life easier, Honda provides a variety of accessories to simplify your life. Whether you are grocery shopping or want to take your dog for a walk. Honda has the right accessories to make your life easier and more importantly safer.

  • Honda HR-V Cargo Room Garnish

    Cargo Room Garnish

    Stylish protection of the trunk entrance area. Protects against scratches and bumps, and comes with a brushed stainless steel finish. Fits perfectly onto the trunk’s interior lining.

    Price: €109.13*

    Honda HR-V Cargo Step Protector

    Cargo Step Protector

    Protect your car’s bodywork from annoying scrapes and scratches when loading or unloading your trunk.

    Price: €99.65*

    Honda HR-V Cross Bars

    Cross Bars

    These cross bars fit directly on the unit roof rails. It has a maximum load capacity of 75 kg or maximum 2 bicycles. Only in combination with roof rails.

    Price: €190.06*

    Honda HR-V Detachable Trailer Hitch

    Detachable Trailer Hitch

    With this detachable trailer hitch, you don’t need to compromise your car’s styling if you’re planning to tow a trailer.

    Price: €579.57* - Detachable trailer hitch with 13 pin trailer harness

    Price: €536.74* - Detachable trailer hitch with 7 pin trailer harness

    Honda HR-V Dog Guard

    Dog Guard

    The dog guard is designed to keep your pets and luggage safely in the luggage compartment of your car while driving. It divides the passenger compartment from the luggage compartment between the rear seat back and roof interior.

    Price: €187.80*

    Honda HR-V Trunk Tray with Dividers

    Trunk Tray with Dividers

    Perfectly formed to your car's trunk shape, the waterproof trunk tray with raised edges will protect the car's finish from dirt and scratches. It is anti-slip, features the HR-V logo and includes dividers.

    Price: €116.27*

*All quoted prices are subjected to related fitting, painting (if applicable) and VAT.

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